The Hands That Feed You- Part 1 Jamie Kennedy

With all the “Hoopla” about Star Chefs these days and their visibility, they begin to blend in with all the other “celebs” that frequent their  restaurants. It’s easy to forget that they are the artist behind their art and they do create. To that end I thought it would be interesting to photographically explore “the personality  of the Chef through their hands”, to see if there is another window to their soul and individuality.

The more I played around with this concept  the more excited I became, as I realized that the hands do have a personality that resonates with every chef.

My first Chef to explore, I decided was to be Jamie Kennedy. I’ve always been a fan of his cuisine, all the way back to the days of the Palmerston on College St.  I still can taste his simple yet elegant Steak and Frites  and how he would use Agria potatoes which get wonderfully crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside! With all his experience and many reincarnations in the restaurant business, he has been in the vanguard of the Slow Food Movement and now continuing in his art he now grows much of what he works with on his property in the “county”.

The man “oozes” integrity and I think this comes though in his honest and hard working hands. They are the large strong hands of a quiet genius!